A Final Flourish

Tonight sees the close of the first secondary market trading window on Seedrs – I presume the absolute deadline is midnight but given Seedrs reputation for removing pages that show them in anything but a positive light and my lack of interest in staying up that late I thought I’d do a quick round-up now before anything disappears (10pm Monday 12th June).

If you read my last update you’ll know things stagnated after the opening day with only a handful of new transactions. Things look to have picked up a little over the closing weekend, with another £4k worth of transactions between 8th and 12th bringing the total to approximately £14,700 representing an overall take-up of 37% in monetary terms.

The main takeaways from the final figures suggest both Glentham Capital and Torch should be avoided at all cost, they had the highest value of shares on offer (£3,804 and £3,600 respectively) with the lowest take-up in percentage terms (0% for both).

At the other end of the scale we have seen some movement over the course of the 7 day window. At the end of the first day, just £154.20 of the £3,153 available Wriggle shares (split over 6 lots of varying sizes) had been snapped up, take-up increased as the week progressed, with an additional lots being reserved on both 7th and 8th. As of this evening, all lots in Wriggle have sold making them the biggest seller in value terms. Wriggle have raised three times on Seedrs between February 2014 and April 2016, I’m guessing with an ever-increasing valuation – I suspect this is a case of early investors cashing out and later investors seeing a degree of potential in the underlying company. I’ll have to do some more in-depth research on this one!

As mentioned in my first article, bother Swogo and Adludio F.KA Future Ad Labs proved popular. Perhaps a little more surprisingly a single lot valued at £1,000 in Times Place Brasserie went through in the final days – As a (very small) holder I can’t really see the attraction, my recent article called into question the makeup of the shareholders and whether Nicola Horlick was still involved, the company provides naff all in terms of updates and I see little in the way of opportunity for positive returns – I feel only Seedrs are going to make any money on this one.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens next month… There’ll almost certainly be more lots available now that people have had a chance to test the water. Hopefully, Seedrs will do something about the platform to improve things for buyers and sellers – in its current form, it’s little more than a minimum viable product. As a minimum, we need:

  • The ability to bid on partial lots.
  • The ability set bid/offer prices.
  • The ability to buy/sell outside our current holdings.
  • The ability to see full prior campaign details, forum posts and communications for all lots on offer.

I feel the last two are wishful thinking at the moment, the issue transparency still remains. I very much doubt Seedrs will offer us a chance to buy outside existing holdings without some very big caveats.

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