Birds Flying High

Bird Cycle Works published their accounts to CH a couple of weeks ago – I just got the notification today (thanks CH). Micro accounts as usual, so we only get to see a balance sheet. But we can at least see their PnL Account has gone from -£21,445 for y/e 30th September 2015 to -£4,536 for y/e 30th September 2016 implying they made a profit last year – Excellent news!

I last talked about them back in March I suggested they were doing well despite being a bit quiet on the update front. Since then, they’ve been a bit more forthcoming with updates, recently announcing the ability to supply bikes with certain 2018 components before anyone else. I still want a full suspension bike and they’re top of my list when the rule of s-1 (see #12) swings in my favour.

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