Den Delays (again)

We had an update from Den today, I’ve talked about them several times before – For the uninitiated, at some point in the future, they are going to start making smart light switches and plug sockets.

Today we were told they’d now hit the market in January 2018 having previously been told they’d be launching in September 2017 (and before that January – June 2017). They’ve now had a significant amount of money from Seedrs investors (by my reckoning over £5m) and very little to show for it.

We’re now getting to the point where the rest of the market is starting to overtake Den, regardless of whether their product has more advanced [patented] inner workings, you can’t argue the fact that it is getting ever simpler to setup something like Amazon’s Alexa to control things in your home if you feel so inclined.

I now wonder if the company has got caught striving for perfection (this would explain the increased resale prices I’ve talked about before), it’s all too easy for a product designer to get carried away making the product as good as it possibly can be without thinking about the impact that has on the price and time-to-market as the recent stories about Juicero will attest.

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