Last updated: April 26, 2017 at 22:23 pm

After spending far too long looking at confirmation statements I asked ‘Fund Manager’ Nicola Horlick if she still owned shares in Times Place Brasserie via Twitter, her response:

“My family have shares in TPB.”

That leaves us with four two one possibility:

  1. She is somehow related to Nathan Engelbrecht.
  2. She is somehow related to Timothy James Whyte.
  3. Someone in her family invested via Seedrs when they initially raised.
  4. The CH confirmation statement and annual return is wrong.

I asked for clarification: – It’s been radio silence thus far.

Update (24th April): Nicola’s responded again to confirm her mother is a shareholder. Still not sure if she invested through the Seedrs platform or if the confirmation statement is wrong. 

Update (26th April): After our conversation on Twitter went nowhere, Nicola and I took to email to try and clarify what’s going on. The upshot:

  • Nicola’s mother still holds shares.
  • The latest confirmation statement appears to be incorrect, Nicola will speak to Nathan in an attempt to find out why her mother isn’t included in the statement. 
  • Shares were transferred from other holders (including Nicola and her daughter Alice) to Timothy James Whyte at no cost because Seedrs would not allow new shares to be issued – I presume because us Seedrs investors cannot be diluted because we collectively hold pre-emption rights). 

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