I’m Struck

Take a team of four who’ve known each other for more than five years, a ‘Duke of Edinburgh Young Entrepreneurs’ award, a website that shows you precisely where to steal find high-value items and a company that’s about to be struck off and what do you get? Apparently you get a company worthy of pitching on Seedrs

Daylui (however you are supposed to pronounce that?) are running a pithy pitch on Seedrs, yet another spin on the AirBnB model – This time for everyday items like cameras and power tools. There are plenty of sites and companies already on this bandwagon and I can’t see that this one offers anything new. That hasn’t stopped them slapping a £1m valuation on themselves, that’s an expensive website if you ask me.

More worryingly, on April 18th they had a compulsory strike-off notice posted on their filing page on CH, very embarassing – They have two months to get this sorted, the fact that they’ve let this happen in the first place makes me question their experience and professionalism, much like their pitch. Still, the power of the crowd never ceases to amaze, somehow they’ve raised £24k so far, good luck to them, but I’m out.

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