Is Anyone Home?

Houseology haven’t given us Seedrs investors since October 2016 despite several calls from investors to do so. This comes despite daily tweets and some relatively recent TrustPilot reviews.

Accounts filed in March (2017) for y/e 30th June 2016 show losses for the year at £2.1m so they’re now running a P&L account in excess of -£5.6m, add to this the fact that they had over £900k due to creditors in the coming year, a cash balance of £140k, stocks of £155k and debtors of £257k and things don’t look too rosy. I can see one of a few things on the horizon; another raise (given their lack of updates, I can’t see this going well on Seedrs, if they do raise I predict CrowdCube), they wind up when they run out of money in the not too distant future or they go into zombie mode eeking out the money as long as they can in order to survive.

I’m also not sure what the ‘investments’ on the micro accounts are for – the three companies cited all show overdue accounts (OHSO Interiors Limited, OHSO Homes Limited & OHSO Design Limited) all of which have the same sole director, one Kathleen Mooney. Digging into the CH documents some more and the story gets more confusing – I’m not sure what’s going on with the confirmation statements (some appear to be blank) or the directors, I’m not even going to speculate how they tie together.

I tried emailing a couple of weeks ago and got zero response, I’ll try a Tweet and see if that prompts them into action.

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