Mention Big Numbers

I haven’t punted on anything since MacRebur a couple of weeks ago, one pitch did catch my eye today but I need to do more research before posting about it.

In the meantime, let’s have a quick look at some I’ve dismissed and why.

Atelier Technology (Crowdcube)

A SaaS (software as a service) solution for the jewelry market and an online jewelry shop apparently. This comment and a reference to it somewhere in the discussion made me laugh

“We see our B2B software as our key exit driver: the value of this asset should increase significantly as the network of daily active users grows. A comparable network exit was the navigation application Waze to Google for $966m in 2013.”

It just seems like an attempt to squeeze a big number and the word Google into the pitch. In my opinion their product is in no way comparable to Waze. To me the reasons for Google buying Waze are pretty obvious; it’s useful to pretty much anyone who uses the road and it can be incorporated into Andriod OS and Google Maps, ultimately for Google it’s about making people like their products more than they do already. I’m pretty sure Google won’t be buying into a jewelry SaaS solution any time soon, or ever and neither will I!

RC Publishing Limited (Seedrs)

A company that publishes one of those free magazines you see at train stations and coffee shops who want to start another one. This one is closing soon and they’re unlikely to hit their target. So the founder (Rosie Coxshaw) owns 90% and she’s down as an investor who’s investing another £10k – Huh, I don’t get it? She also admits she’s put just £16k into the business but has decided upon a valuation of £850k. If you managed to start one magazine on a shoestring, why do you need £150k to start another one? The single lonely question on the discussion board says it all “What are the perks?” – Sorry, there don’t seem to be any.

Nutrifix (Crowdcube)

Another health/well-being/nutrition app – there must be at least two of these listed a month – I’m sick of them. Just Eat – known for their promotion of healthy food are investing in this one apparently. It’s like they’re trying to offset their fatty food footprint – maybe there’s a tax coming that I don’t know about?


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