Summer’s Gone

I haven’t posted for a while, too busy entertaining the kids over the holidays and I’ve been spending my evenings trying to build myself a wood store before winter sets in, as usual I under-estimated how long it would take.

I have however been keeping half an eye on the ECF platforms and since I last posted I’ve made a few small amounts on Plum, Revolut and Edge10.

I’ve also been spending quite a lot of time trying out the many financial applications, bots and services that have pitched recently as well as their competitors, I’ve got some reviews in the pipeline but suffice to say, I liked Plum and Revolut enough to make investments. Revolut’s well polished banking platform is especially impressive.

In other news, Maily looks to have fallen on its ass and has run out of money – it’s still listed as active at the moment but I can’t see it lasting much longer. Enclothed have posted their accounts for the year ended 31st October 2016, their profit & loss account now shows they’re over £1.2m in the hole, from £500k the year before – I do like their offering, but they need to turn things around.

Finally, Crowdcube are now offering £2,000 (for the month of September) to anyone who recommends a company who successfully funds on the platform. As of writing they have just 10 active pitches (versus 18 on Seedrs), it may well be a quiet time of year but this sort of offer doesn’t send a great message to me at least. I haven’t punted on a CrowdCube pitch for quite some time, I admit I don’t look at it as regularly as Seedrs, but I have no cause to – They offer practically zero in the way of follow up, at least with Seedrs I’m regularly checking the discussion and update boards and it takes seconds to scan through any new pitches – Crowdcube really have made a rod for their own back.


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