Still No

Exciting news, All So Pro have had a re-think about their valuation and have generously reduced it to £500k.

It hasn’t helped, they’re still flailing around with just £11,370 pledged, an improvement on the £950 they had back on 5th March when I first posted about them, but still well short of their £100k target. Only 5 days to go until this one is put out of its misery.

Also No

My favourite type of pitch is when I can pretty much dismiss it just by reading the covering page and a few conversations on the discussion board. All So Pro rapidly fell into this bucket. As of today, the pitch has 24 days left and has raised an embarrassing £950 from 12 investors, this alone raises alarm bells – Let’s dig deeper…

All So Pro apparently have an online platform that “connects businesses with influencers for the purposes of social media endorsements”. So, if you want a so-called celebrity to say your product is amazing without ever having used it, this is the place to go. They have at least one celebrity on-board – The co-founder is none other than Tony Discipline (Tyler Moon) from Eastenders, there’s even an out-of-focus photo of him with the other co-founder Nick Coxon on the pitch’s main page.

The fact that the photo looks like the sort of thing you’d find in the ‘spotted’ section of Heat magazine says it all. The headline bullets read like the author couldn’t think of any headline bullets, the pitch itself talks more about the payment platform than the product and with a pre-raise valuation of £1m I can’t see anything to like.

The only shock is that Tony isn’t offering signed photos or discount endorsements as an investor perk – Even then, I don’t think this episode is going to end well.

The Crowd Punter