Missing the Target

I’ve not really paid much attention to CrowdCube in the last few weeks, I’m still catching up with things. I managed to take a quick look on the train this evening and it seems I haven’t missed much.

It looks like Hydro+, Meame, Millenia and even Sugru are going to miss their targets in the coming days – All of these were listed before I took my two weeks out, the only one I’m a little surprised at is Sugru, but only because of the sheep-mentality momentum of the crowd they appear to have behind them. I was going to buy some and do a little review with a view to potentially investing, but I didn’t get round to finding a stockist and I don’t think my investment would help them over the line anyway – That said, they’re close enough to the line for one of those last-minute spurts CrowdCube are becoming famous for.

Millennia is a shop I’ve visited in Westfield, based on my experience of the shop I wouldn’t invest, it’s only ever been empty when I’ve visited – It might do OK for the owner, but I can’t see a return or even anything about it that might be interesting and that’s not because I don’t like comics or Sci-Fi.

As I’ve said before, I like cycling and spending silly money on cycling related items but even I’m struggling to see the point of a cycling jacket that doesn’t look like a cycling jacket – especially when it costs the best part of £300, has been out for several years and is made by a brand I’ve never heard of (Meame). The rest of the range doesn’t inspire confidence, it consists of just 6 unique products, some gloves, a cap, two women’s jackets and two men’s jackets, none of which are new, have they run out of ideas?

Finally we come to Hydro+, A vending system for gyms, providing calorie free electrolyte rich sports drinks dispensed directly to the users’ own receptacle. Users are expected to signup (not sure how, couldn’t be bothered to work it out) in order to get access to these drinks. I see a lot of responses from the company in the discussion board around around saving the planet because they are cutting out disposable plastic bottles, I find these ludicrous.

The last time I went to a gym, I and almost everyone else already used reusable sports bottles, filling them with a free product called water, I (and I imagine others do the same) sometimes used to add my own sachet/tablets of electrolytes to this magical fluid without harming any dolphins in the process. It’s no surprise that they’ve raised just over £60k of a £325k target with just one day to go.