Strategically Closed

A pitch from Action Petz popped up on Seedrs yesterday, they run indoor dog parks – think along the lines of a children’s soft-play centre but for dogs.

Their model is franchise based, they currently own and run a site in Newport and have a site running under franchise in Bridgend having ‘strategically closed’ a site they previously ran in Cardiff – They’re yet to branch outside South Wales.

I’m not sure what ‘strategically closed’ actually means, maybe it’s  a phrase  Idea Squares came up with when they helped with their pitch. In my cynical mind it doesn’t sound good, but it is perhaps a better than saying it didn’t do too well. They do go on to say that they are going to re-open the site at some point in the future, so maybe things aren’t so bad?

Putting the ‘Cardiff’ question to one side, I remain unconvinced by the proposition. As I mentioned, the model is Franchise based, in order to start a franchise you have to have a proven product and business, it feels to me like they are jumping on the franchise model far too early. I’m also not sure why anyone wanting to run a dog park would feel the need to go down the franchise route and give away 8% of their turnover. The closest thing I can compare this to is an indoor soft-play centre, the majority of which are run independently, if I wanted to setup a dog park I think I’d do the same.