Another Goodbye

So, just after finishing writing about Bowery Bagels demise I take a quick look at Rob Murray Browns’s blog only to find I’ve lost another one. The frozen yoghurt company Lick are apparently about to go under, so that’s another £100 lost for me and much more for some unlucky folk after raising over £292k around a year ago. Looking back at their pitch, I was supposed to get a limited edition screen print, now I’ve see that, I’m more disappointed about missing out on the perk than the company going under. At least this picture from their last newsletter (July 16) showed how forward thinking they are/were.

I did buy a tub from my local Co-Op when I first invested, I think it was honey flavour – To be honest, it wasn’t great. I don’t think the other tubs ever moved judging by the build-up of ice crystals.

These things come in threes, so I’m sure there’ll be another one along in the not-to-distant future.