Extended Deadline

Browsing CrowdCube today I noticed LightVert still had 8 days to go before their deadline… Strange, I’m sure they had 9 days left over a week ago. It turns out CrowdCube had generously extended their campaign by 7 days citing “ongoing investor discussions”.

One of the few things I prefer about CrowdCube (over Seedrs) is their shorter raise period, limiting businesses to 30 days (vs 60 days on Seedrs) – Quite right, if you can’t raise the funds you need in 30 days then you need to start questioning the merits of your business and/or the terms of your offering.

Apparently it’s fine to bend your own rules when the businesses raising money are having ongoing discussions with investors. I find it increasingly more difficult to take the platform seriously when things like this so obviously tilt the playing field in favour of the businesses raising money.