Made of Girders?

MacRebur’s pitch on Seedrs caught my eye on Monday, until then I hadn’t really had the chance to look at it. A slow running train on Monday gave me the chance to give it the once over. I’m glad I did, after looking at about 10 pitches in the last week or so, this is the first one I’ve stuck some money on.

For anyone who hasn’t seen the pitch, MacRebur are a Scottish start-up producing an asphalt additive made from a secret mixture of waste plastics, some of which are not otherwise recyclable (sorry; no girders – I just needed a title). They claim (and have some compelling evidence) that their additive improves road durability, improving strength by up to 60% and result in roads lasting up to 10 times longer.

They’ve already had some roads using their product laid by several councils and are in trials with a number of others. There’re some agreements in place with major contractors and discussions in progress with others and they have a patent application in the works.

I realise I might be going a bit overboard with the praise here, but the pitch is professional, Toby (the CEO) comes across well in his posts on the discussion boards and they’re getting some great press. Sure, the valuation is a bit high, but I’ve come to expect that and I’ve seen far worse. I’m in for £30 to see how they get on – At least they’re on Seedrs, so we should at least get some form of structured update every now and then.

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