Feeling Perky?

Be sure not to miss this amazing offer from Monkey Mill – Invest £500 and you can get your hands on a unique water bottle.

I’m doubtful of the uniqueness claim – unless of course they only attract a single £500 level investor, which given they are only 27% funded with 9 days to go is a distinct possibility, if of course they don’t hit their target the water bottle will be very unique indeed.

If this offer isn’t for you, or if they miss their target, all is not lost. I’m going to have some limited edition CrowdPunter water bottles printed. If you tell me why you deserve one in the comments I’ll let you have one*

*Once I make up a design and have them printed. I’ll pick my favourite 10 comments (if I get that many) at the end of March (2017) and get them out to you in April, UK delivery only.