Silver Lined

I like Silver Curve, I liked it when I invested the first time in August 2013 and the second time in September 2014 and I still like it enough to invest in their latest round.

In their first round Bryan Crotaz introduced their Aperture Engine, capable of running high quality digital signage on cheap hardware, namely the Raspberry Pi. Being a bit of the geek with some experience with the Raspberry Pi platform I saw it as an idea that had real legs. At the time the plan was to licence their graphics engine to OEM manufacturers.

Since then, things have changed some what, they’ve been engaged by MCC to fit out Lords Cricket Club with a new scoreboard and associated screens as well as carrying out work for a LA based film studio. No longer do they have a model where they licence their engine to OEMs, instead they licence their PixelPipe Signage product to businesses through a global re-seller.

Throughout this journey, from the closing of the first pitch Bryan has been very forthcoming with updates, I’ve checked back and as investors we’ve had news and updates more or less every quarter. As an investor I’ve felt like I’ve been kept very much in the loop with what’s been happening, exactly what I want from a Seedrs investment.

The product and offering might be complex (and I haven’t done it justice above), but in my head it’s perfectly clear what it is and what they are trying to do. The two major clients they have landed so far and their association with what appears to be a major reseller are positive signs and their accounts for the year ending 31st March 2016 even show a profit, a rare thing in the crowdfunding world.

Sadly it seems the crowd doesn’t yet agree, having raised just over £76k of their £325k target (in return for 12.62% equity). Perhaps to the new investor the offering isn’t clear, as an existing investor who has known this company for years its easy for me to read between the lines and my knowledge to fill in the gaps. Bryan has provided a succinct company history on the discussion board, for anyone considering investing, this is well worth a read. I’ll be keeping a close eye on this one, I hope they make it… Especially if it goes some way to stopping scenes like this.