Another flip-flop from Seedrs to CrowdCube, this time it’s Charbrew, recent holders of the ‘No News is Good News?’ title. Reading the post-investment discussion board I got the feeling the crowd were losing their patience with them after their recent pivot from teabags to ice tea and surprising move into the Australian market.

I briefly read the CrowdCube pitch on the train earlier (no up-front mention of the previous Seedrs raise, obviously, although it has been mentioned in the discussion board) – I’ll admit, I found myself thinking I might invest in this if I had been finding them for the first time. Perhaps this is their angle, however I feel the investor base on CrowdCube has plenty of overlap with that of Seedrs so if targeting new investors was the reason for the switch, I’m not sure it’s a good one.

I’m still waiting for a good reason (from the view of the investor) for switching platforms to emerge from one of these flip-floppers, I’ve been trying to think of a theoretical one for months and I’m stumped.

Us Seedrs investors haven’t been given our pre-emption notice yet, I’m 95% certain I’m going to let it slide when it does arrive.

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