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Back in 2013 my day job consisted of supporting a creaking, soon to be replaced trading application. All we had to do is convince the users that their prayers would be answered by the replacement and ensure the lights stayed green while they waited. This left me with quite a bit of time on my hands and I and a particular colleague spent many an hour musing over one money making idea or another.

One day we were complaining about the seemingly inaccessible seed/start-up market was… A quick Google revealed that we weren’t quite as forward-thinking as we thought we were and stumbled into seedrs and crowdcube arguably the two main players in the equity based crowdfunding space.

Attractive campaigns on both sites were thin on the ground, but one attracted my attention enough to make an investment; £50.76 later and I was the proud owner of three shares in the ‘automated bundling solution’ provider swogo who were raising for the second time on Seedrs (Note, sequence has been shortened).

My £50.76 investment and my domain name should give you an idea of my attitude towards crowdfunding, every investment punt I make is just that, a punt. I can afford to lose all of my investment and expect to, if I ever get anything back it’ll be a nice bonus.

So, why do I do it? Well, I was spending £10+ a week on the lottery and a similar amount in the bookies. The lottery has absolutely nothing interesting going for it and I could never dedicate enough time to really get into horseracing or football or any other sport for that matter to make sports betting an interesting proposition. So, instead of throwing £50+ a month away on gambling I switched my attention to throwing it away on crowdfunding. Even as a small punter, I enjoy the research that comes with investing and following the story that comes after, however bad it might be.

For the record; all views on the blog are my own. I do not offer advice. I will declare my interest in any companies that I mention (i.e. if I own or intend to invest). I punt with what I consider to be small sums of money that I can afford to lose. If you want to invest – Do your own research! This blog is purely for entertainment purposes etc. etc.

All the best

The Crowd Punter.

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